Monday, September 29, 2008

St Mary Lodge and Resort

St Mary Lodge and Resort
- amazing view and adventure in Montana -

Do you like to travel in mountain area? Do you like to see amazing mountain view? Do you like mountain adventure? If you do like them all then you have to visit St Mary Lodge and Resort in Montana Resort. This amazing place will give you the most perfect adventure and also wilder than you can imagine. A lot of Fun Glacier National Park Lodging and Activities will be waiting for you to visit and play. There are a lot of fun activities to be done in St Mary Lodge and Resort such as Horseback Riding, ATV Tour, Tour Buses, Lake Fishing, Whitewater Rafting, Scenic Boat Cruise, Self-Guided Fly Fishing, Hiking, Boating, Wildlife Viewing, Wildlife Photography, Helicopter Tours and Sky Diving. With those huge selection of activities, you holiday in St Mary Lodge and Resort will be unforgetable.

St mary Lodge and Resort is basically located at the east entrance of Glacier National Park Lodging in Montana within the Blackfeet Indian Nation. This park have some of the most beautiful view in Western United States and approximately have 1.4 million acres of wildlife preserves. If you plan to visit St Mary Lodge and Resort, there are a lot of accomodation option for you to choose such as Great Bear Lodge, Pinnacle Cottages, West Lodge, East Lodge, Glacier Cabins, Sun Cabin, Tipis, Guest House and Main Lodge. All those National Park Resort Lodge option will give you the best fit for your taste and budget. So if you really like mountainering and glacier activities, St Mary Lodge and Resort is definitely the best place you can visit. Just come there and experience the wildest mountainering & glacier holiday. If you don't know how to reach St Mary Lodge and Resort, you can see on the map below or you can visit for guide and detail.