Thursday, October 16, 2008

High School Musical Cast

High School Musical Cast
- It's Sad to Be Grads -

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Over three years, three movies and 33 songs now, we've kinda gotten attached to Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and the rest of the merry gang of singing high schoolers. And they've kinda gotten attached to being the HSM kids.

To hear them talk about the "very emotional" last day of shooting High School Musical, it actually sounds a lot like leaving real-life high school and trying to figure out what's suppose to come next. Except these kids have a couple million dollars and perfect hair.

At a press conference Sunday, director Kenny Ortega described that fateful last day as kind of a mess: "The entire cast, one at a time, started to crumble. We had to stop shooting...and send them back to the makeup trailer." So who started it?

The Tiz says serious crying went down after "Kenny had said this amazing speech." She added, "That's what got us all going. Hair and makeup even started crying and they couldn't get hair and makeup back on us."

Monique Coleman, the cast's biggest crier, was surprised Ashley was the one who started it all. "Yes, I was a dirty mess. I ruined my costume and had to go back to the trailer to clean my face up. But I didn't start it this time," Momo insisted. As for the boys, Zac wouldn't admit to any crying, but Corbin Bleu owned up to his share, and Ashley ratted out Lucas Grabeel, her onscreen twin brother. "[Lucas] even teared up," the Tiz revealed. "And that's something that's really big, because the last three years he was just the man."

Now it's your chance to let out the pain. On a scale of "so much" to "I might die from the sense of loss," how much are you going to miss your favorite kids?

Taken from Yahoo! Movies